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Add JPA properties

This section is about how to use the JPA menu inside the Class diagram:
  1. Class
  2. Attributes

Don't forget that to activate the JPA properties on class diagram elements you need to:
  1. Activate the  Persistence JPA  Class Diagram contextual menu
Select the Class Diagram background > Persistence Development > JPA
  1. Add Entity stereotype on the UML Class or in the Java Code @Entity
Select the Class > Properties > New Stereotype > Persistence::Entity to add entity stereotype using the UML Editor
Select the Class code in the java editor and type @Entity to add Entity Stereotype using the Java Editor

1. Add  JPA Properties on a Class using the UML Editor

Click on a Class >  Add JPA Annotation

2. Add JPA Properties on an Attribute

Click on an Attribute inside the Class > Add JPA Annotation