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Activate the Model Editor

To activate the UML XMI 2.1 Editor you need to:
  1. Create a  Java, JEE,  JPA or other  Eclipse project
  2. Create an UML diagram (class, usecase, state, activity, component or deployment diagram)
  3. Launch the UML Model Editor

The XMI 2.1 Editor is an instance of the UML Editor and of UML 2 metamodel.
It means that to open the XMI Editor, you need to have activated the instance of the UML 2.1 metamodel inside your project.
The XMI editor is only working at project level. It is not possible to use more than one project or to divide the UML 2.1 metamodel.

Once the UML 2.1 metamodel instance is activated, you can open the XMI editor by using the diagram contextual menu.
Click on the diagram background > XMI Editor > Open XMI Editor