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Navigate in the Model Editor

You can navigate in the XMI 2.1 Editor by selecting an UML element in one of the following diagram:

If you click on an element in the UML Editor, then the XMI 2.1 Editor will immediately show the metamodel view of this element.

If the UML element is used in more than one diagram, then you will see the UML Editor diagram name at the root of the UML element.
In this example actor is the same UML element and is used in two different diagrams (e.g. pUseCaseDiagram and pUseCaseDiagram_1)

If you double click on the eannotation representing the UML diagram, then you will open the associated UML Editor diagram.
In this example the double click will open the component diagram (you can notice that the icon is depending on the  type of diagram)