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Profile Diagram

The following diagram is the extension of the UML 2 metamdel by adding a new UML 2 profile in the UML 2 metamodel.
The profile will then be added to the property.
For the purposes of this example please first create a new project named MyProfileProject, then a src folder and finally a package named pack in your Package explorer.
Click on the package pack > New UML Diagram > UML Profile Diagram

Change the Profile diagram name, and type MyProfile.prd

Open the Profile diagram contextual menu > Import Meta Classes

Select the UML 2 meta classe to be extended.

Drag and drop one stereotype from the toolbar

Give a name to your new stereotype and extend it to the metaclasse.

Note that you can add your own icon using the browse menu.

Save you profile diagram and then add the profile property on a project.

Select UML Profiles and click on the Add button

Select your profile diagram project model extension

Your profile name will appear in your Property wizard in the UML tab.

Create now a usecase diagram and an actor

Select New Stereotype button

Browse the profile and find your new stereotype that you have just created in the profile diagram.

The new stereotype has been created in the diagram and in the UML 2 metamodel.