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A state diagram shows the sequences of states that an object or an interaction goes through during its life in response to received stimuli, together with its responses and actions. The state of an object depends on its current activity or condition. A state diagram shows the possible states of the object and the transition that cause a change in state.
State chart diagrams are often used to

The elements of the State diagrams are available in the tool bar:

                l      An initial state item represents the first active state within a diagram.

                l      A final state item represents the end of the active state

                a      State items indicate the states of the elements modelized by the diagram

                j      This tool creates a history item which is used to access the previous state of a state item.
                          A history state item can only be created into a state item.

                n      A join/fork item is used to synchronize (ie join) or fork transitions.

                k      Transitions represent a change in state of the elements modelized by the diagram.