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The Use Case Diagram describes the behavior of a system from a user's standpoint : functional description and its major processes.
It provides a graphic description of who will use a system and what kind of interactions to expect within that system. Use Case Diagrams are useful when describing requirements for a system in the analysis, design, implementation and documentation stages.
A Use Case Diagram is a collection of actors, Use Cases, and their communications.

The elements of the Use Case diagrams are available in the tool bar:

               g     New Actor can be created by selecting the icon in the toolbar.

               z     New Use Case can be created by selecting the icon in the toolbar.

               f     New system can be created.

               q     Create inheritance relationships between Use Cases or actors.

               a     The Includes Relationship is used to indicate that the source Use Case includes the behavior of the target Use Case.

                a    The Extends Relationship indicates that the source Use Case adds its behavior to the target Use Case.

                 a   Association is linking an actor to its Use Cases.