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Class Diagram Creation

In this section, you will learn how to start using EclipseUML inside Eclipse and make a new class diagram.
It is important to always create a src directory.

This section uses the following elements:

  1. Create a Java Project
  2. Create a Package
  3. Create a Class Diagram

1. Create a Java Project

When starting your class diagram creation, you should create a Java Project.
Right click in the Package Explorer select  New > Project

Select Java Project  and click on the Next button.

Enter the name of the project in the Project name field.
Select your workspace location and create separate source and output folders.

2. Create a new Package

Select src in the Package Explorer and open the folder pop up menu New > Package

Enter the name of your package in the Name field and click on the Finish button.

We have successfully created a project, a src folder and a package.

3. Create a Class Diagram

To create a new Class Diagram, select a Package in the Package Explorer, then open the Package pop up menu:
Select either  New > Others.

or select New UML Diagram > UML Class Diagram.

Select Uml Diagrams > UML Class Diagram.
Click on the Next button.

Select the package you want to work with and enter the name of the Class Diagram in the File name field.


Your new class diagram editor has been created.

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