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Classes and Interfaces

In this section, you will see how to insert new classes or interfaces from the class diagram graphical interface.

To create a new class (or interface) directly in your class diagram, select New > Class (or New > Interface) in the class diagram contextual menu.

To create a new class is also possible by selecting the green icon in the tool bar (create a class diagram).

Drag and drop the icon inside your class diagram editor to create a new class.

The eclipse class creation dialog (or interface creation dialog) appears.
Enter the name of the class in the Name field and click on the Finish button.

We are going now to add a stereotype on this class.
Click on the Class inside the UML editor > Properties.

At this stage you can add a keyword or a stereotype.
To add a keyword you need to type the keyword in the Keywords field.
To add a stereotype click in the New Stereotype menu.

Select Actor in the list and click on the Ok button.

After validating the dialog box, the class appears immediately in the class diagram. If you click on the class, its code appears in the java editor area and you can see the UML model which is synchronized with the UML Editor.

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