EclipseUML Documentation

Look at one of the online video for quick start:

Important News about new Architecture Update:

EclipseUML 2.2 for Eclipse 3.5 Galileo is using the latest UML 2.2 OMG specification at graphical diagram and metamodel levels and is built on the top of EclipseUML 2008 core.
Don't be confused with other tools (e.g. Topcase, Papyrus, eUML etc...) which are :
EclipseUML 2012 is using a new MDA core since 2008 (see more ....) .
The Core Architecture is now based on UML IDs (EclipseUML 2012) and not anymore on JDT IDs using tags in the code (e.g. tools using tags are EclipseUML 2007, eUML or previous EclipseUML builds).
This new architecture is important for advanced MDA, DSL and UML Modeling with a native UML 2.2 metamodel integration.