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Setting Preferences

The Omondo mechanism of preferences is working at three different levels: global/diagram/element.

  1. Eclipse preferences:
    This includes workbench settings and JDT settings.
    (first level)

  2. Diagram preferences:
    (second level)

  3. Element Preferences:
    (third level)

Depending on its nature, an element can keep its preferences.
Every element of a diagram, or diagrams keep their own preferences.
Changing global preferences will not impact your existing diagram's or element's preferences.

Different preferences can be introduced using:

  1. The OK button will only change new diagrams or elements and will not change your existing diagrams.
  2. The Apply button will dynamically change all existing diagrams' preferences.
  3. Restore Default will automatically select the preference of the higher level. For example, clicking on Restore Default in the element preferences (third level), will automatically select the diagram preferences (second level). Clicking on Restore Default in the diagram preferences will select global preferences (first level).