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Class Diagram presentation

You can customize your class diagram perspective using the following elements:

  1. Diagram Properties
  2. Class Diagram Font and Colors

1. Diagram properties

Select the class diagram background, using the left button of the mouse.
Open the popup menu and select Properties

The following Diagram Properties wizard will be shown:
You can add a new label inside your diagram

You can customize the class diagram presentation by using the following options:

You can add additional diagram information related to your diagram by selecting Description This information is available in the project documentation

You can select the wire automotion property for association, Inheritance and dependency

2. Class diagram font and colors

The font and colors of any class diagram element can be customized for UML needs.
Select from the menu bar Window > Show View > Other > EclipseUML > Class Diagram Font and Colors

The following View will be shown:

If you want to select more than one element in the class diagram, then use the mouse and Ctrl.