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Documentation View

This section is about the OMONDO documentation view.
  1. How to activate the Documentation View
    1. Using the diagram contextual menu
    2. Using the Eclipse selection
    3. Using the Modeling perspective
  2. How to use the Documentation View

1. This section is about how to activate the Documentation View:

1. You can activate the Documentation View using the diagram contextual menu.
Click on the diagram background > Show View > Documentation

2. You can also activate the Documentation View using the Window > Show View > Other > EclipseUML > Documentation

3. Note that the Documentation View is also included in the Modeling Perspective.
To activate the Omondo Modeling perspective, click on the Perspective tab in the upper right corner of your Eclipse and select Modeling.

2. This section is about How to use the Documentation View:

You need to select an element in the diagram by using the mouse left button. Then you need to open the documentation view by click on the documentation View tab. Finally you need to click inside the view and add your documentation.

Each UML element has its own documentation saved in the UML metamodel.
If no information is saved in the Documentation View then the Comment in the model editor is not created.
EclipseUML 2008 use the element OwnedComment metamodel information to save the documentation which is written in the documentation view.