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Key bindings

Here are the most useful key bindings to manipulate EclipseUML diagrams

Keys Description
Ctrl+s Save
Ctrl+a Select all
Ctrl+z Undo
Ctrl+y Redo
Ctrl+p Print
Ctrl+n new wizard
Ctrl+F4 Close the diagram editor
Delete Delete the selected figures with model
. Enter the resize and moving mode. Repeating the key can switch different operations such as resize to left/right/up/down and moving.
Escape Exit the resize and moving mode
tab Change the tool bar selection
Ctrl+space select or de-select a figure
Arrow Change the figure selection with auto-scrolling
Shift+arrow Append the figure selection
Ctrl+arrow Change the focus
Ctrl+Alt+arrow Move the selected figure
Ctrl+Shift+D Launch the "Open Diagram" window to select a diagram in the project and open it