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Rearranging Diagrams

In this section you will learn how to rearrange your existing diagrams.
You can work on your diagram to adapt the organization using the following elements:

  1. Full Screen View
  2. Layout
  3. Moving elements
  4. Routers and Anchors
  5. Alignment

1. Full Screen View

It is possible to work on a full screen diagram editor by double-clicking the diagram file tab.
The following example was created by double clicking on the com.udd deployment diagram, then selecting the zoom icon on the toolbar and finally double clicking inside the deployment diagram editor.


2. Layout

EclipseUML allows you to use layout functionalities. We recommend using Layout for a class diagram reverse and then manually reorganizing your diagram.
The layout will reorganize your diagram using mathematical algorithm.
To open the layout function, open the diagram editor's pop up menu and select layout.

3. Moving elements

Advanced multiple selections are proposed, as well as group/ungroup and key shortcuts for more precise functions.

Selection of an element:

EclipseUML allows you to move every element of the diagram using the mouse or the keyboard.

Moving is possible with:

    1. Mouse: Left click and keep your finger on the button
    2. Keyboard: Ctrl+Alt+arrows

The following example shows how to move the Project class using the mouse:


When the mouse button is released, the Project class has moved.

Selection of a group of elements: 

Moving is possible with:

  1. Mouse: Shift+left click on each element then move using the mouse.
  2. Keyboard: shift+arrows then move using the arrows (if you press Ctlr+arrows, the element will not be selected so use shift+arrows to select the element).
  3. Click on selection in the tool bar and crop elements.  

The following example shows how to move Project and Company classes using the mouse:

 When the mouse button is released, Project and Company classes have moved.

4. Routers and anchors

You can customize every link inside your diagram editor.
Right Click on a link between two elements >open the pop up menu>Properties

You can select the router algorithm and Anchor for each link


Manual allows to move the extremity of each link.

Manhattan uses automatic functions to design the link.


Unselecting Automatic anchor allows to fix the extremity anywhere. Move the anchor inside the element which will become blue when the anchor is properly fixed.

Automatic anchor uses algorithm to fix the anchor automatically (the anchor cannot be moved)

5. Alignment

EclipseUML allows you to select a group of elements and to arranges the alignment.

Six alignments are possible:
  1. Align Top
  2. Align Bottom
  3. Align Left
  4. Align Right
  5. Align Center
  6. Align Middle

The following example shows where you can select the alignment function:
Select the alignment function from:

  1. The workbench window's toolbar
  2. The diagram editor's pop up menu