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In this section you will learn the wires associated features.
You can work on your diagram to adapt the organization using the following elements:

  1. Routers and Anchors
  2. Wire colors

1. Routers and anchors

You can customize every link inside your diagram editor.
Right Click on a link between two elements->open the pop up menu->Properties

You can select the router algorithm and Anchor for each link


Manual allows to move the extremity of each link.

Manhattan uses automatic functions to design the link.


Unselecting Automatic anchor allows to fix the extremity anywhere. Move the anchor inside the element which will become blue when the anchor is properly fixed.

Automatic anchor uses algorithm to fix the anchor automatically (the anchor cannot be moved).


2. Wire colors


Selecting any element of a diagram will automatically colorize its related wires. In complex diagrams, this feature allows a better visibility of the immediate environment of a selected element.

Colors are different depending on the wire direction.

2.1 Incoming wires

All incoming wires will be displayed in red when selecting an element.

2.2 Outgoing wires

All outgoing wires will be displayed in green when selecting an element.

2.3 Bi-directional wires

Bi-directional wires will be displayed in blue when selecting an element.