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EclipseUML allows you to zoom in the diagram editor. By selecting the zoom mode, you can work in a more efficient way with your diagrams and be focused on your diagram, not only on your Java code.

Zooming is possible by selecting:

Three major functions are available within the Zoom function:
    1. Zoom in and out
    2. Overview
    3. Cropping

1. Zoom in, Zoom out

Selecting the zoom icon in the toolbar allows you to use the following zoom functions:

  1. zoom in> right click
  2. zoom out> left-click

2. Overview

You can see a complete overview of your diagram by selecting the zoom icon in the tool bar and double clicking inside the diagram editor.

Another double-click brings you back to the previous state.

3. Cropping

You can select a part of the diagram that you want to zoom in. 
Select the Zoom icon in the toolbar and crop inside the diagram editor.

In the following example, we have an overview of a class diagram. We need to zoom inside this diagram and decide to crop.
Zoom in the toolbar must be activated, then use the mouse to crop.

As soon as the mouse button is released, the selected area is enlarged.