Omondo only used open source standard solutions while building EclipseUML 2007 Europa Edition.
One of the avantage of this approach, is that you can now use the EclipseUML 2007 editor and then switch to another UML 2.1 compliant tool.
The XMI interchange is now a reality.

(You can switch from the GMF class diagram to EclipseUML 2007 Europa, and from EclipseUML to GMF).
Please find below our current integration roadmap

The Eclipse Modeling Project focus is to provide a unified set of model-based development technologies while Omondo's focus is to provide UML/MDA model development tools. Below are the current Omondo and Eclipse Modeling project selections. EMF and UML2 are the two major and historical projects which should be considered as strategic.

Eclipse Modeling Project
Omondo selection
Modeling Framework
Integrated by Omondo in 2002
Unified Modeling Language 
Integrated by Omondo in 2004
Object Constraint Language 
Accepted - under integration
O/R Mapping Solution
Database persistency
Hibernate / EJB3
Model Driven software
Under investigation
Under investigation
Client-server for Spring
Under investigation
XML Schema Infoset Model
Under investigation
Ontology Definition Metamodel
Under investigation


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